Dressing for the In-Between Seasons

by Cali Kind September 12, 2016

Well it's finally come folks. Summer is having it's swan song; the days are getting shorter, the fog is rolling in on the coast, and it's the awkward moment of not quite warm enough to brave those summer short-shorts, and not quite cold enough to bring out the riding boots.
There really ought to be more information out there about how to dress for those in-between seasons! Here are some of our favorite pieces that are sure to help the transition from summer to fall and everything in between.
Beaded Flare skirt- Tie-dye skirts from Cali Kind
The Beaded Flare Skirt ($44.95) may be one of the most versatile skirts you'll own. It's made out of this fantastic material that keeps you warm from any autumn chills creeping in, while being light-weight enough to keep you from over-heating. If the sun is still shining bright in your neck of the woods, you can pair it with a tank top, or short sleeve tee. Here in California we recommend, dressing it down with some sandals and a tank for the afternoon, and pairing it with a cardigan for those in-between nights.
Short Tie-dye Leggings by Cali Kind Clothing
Hey, summer isn't over just yet! You can still rock those capris leggings and not shiver through the day. In our coastal location of Aptos, CA, we do get those foggy mornings, and chilly nights. We suggest pairing our Short Leggings ($21.95) with some stylish booties, or work boots.
Blue Fossil Long Tie-dye Leggings
If you're seeing a major cool down in your area, try our Long Leggings ($27.95) with more breathable shoes! These signature leggings are great for layering. And when days start chilling up just pair these with a nice ankle boot, for an effortlessly chic style.
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