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by Cali Kind June 04, 2016

We asked some of our employees what Cali Kind items they couldn't live without this coming summer. Whether you're gearing up for beach time, or going to a summer festival; these are the top 7 items that our employees say are must have Cali Kind items this summer.
Cali Kind tie-dye Must Haves diagram
1. Halter Top with Fringe $24.95, This is one of our favorite 2016 tops at Cali Kind. It is flirty and care-free; the perfect festival top. We love that this top is completely adjustable, so that it fits each person perfectly. It will keep you cool in every way!
2. Boy Shorts $19.95, Okay, so if you don't already own a pair of these, you should really, really work on that. These are possibly the most comfortable shorts that you will ever wear. They're so multi-functional that you won't be disappointed in them. One of our Cali Kind customers wears them exclusively for bed, another for her trips to the beach. Just trust on this one, these shorts are a steal for how much you'll love them <3
3. Shoulder Bag $19.95, This signature bag is the best beach time friend anyone could ask for. It has a wooden button to close it and a zipper tucked away inside the bag, for keys, cash and cards. It's big enough to throw a towel, or tapestry into, along with sunscreen, water, and your summertime read.
4. Patches! $4 each, Our girls in Aptos LOVE decking out their Cali Kind bags with our patches. They are all iron-on, so application is super easy. It's a fun way to personalize your bag without breaking the bank.
5. Friendship Bracelets $4 each, These are just so fun to surprise a friend with. They're adorable, adjustable, and a really sweet little gift. Plus we have a ton of summer colors in stock right now.
6. Short Sleeve Pull-Over Hoodie $24.95, So you have your boy shorts/fringe top outfit on, and then a chilly breeze swoops in... a light-weight hoodie is the best thing to have in this situation. We like to think of this hoodie as the perfect way to transition from a chill day at the beach to a bonfire party. This 100% cotton hoodie will definitely give you extra warmth when the sun starts to set.
7. Tie-dye Scrunchies $4 each, Ponytails like waterfalls with these bad boys. Scrunchies are back and we have you covered at Cali Kind. Perfect for day lounging poolside, or by the beach. 
8. Buddha Tapestry $35, Once you use a tapestry for the beach it's really hard to go back to bringing just a plain beach towel. Yes they are great for drying you off, but they're SO big, and can bring sand back with you once you leave. We like to bring a single sized tapestry for tanning and a small towel for wiping off when you get out of the water. If you have a large party you're trying to accommodate, splurge the extra $5 for a double tapestry. Party blanket? Yes please!
We hope that this gave you some ideas of things that will make this summer fun, warm, and colorful!
Do you have a Cali Kind item that is a must have for your summer adventures? Let us know if we missed anything in the comments below.
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