This One's for the Mammas

by Cali Kind May 02, 2016

It seems slightly comical that there is only one day dedicated to the bad-ass job that is being a mother. Alas, this May 8th we get a chance to tell the mothers in our lives, "Thank you. You have given me so much, and I appreciate you far more than could ever be expressed in one day." You get to reflect on how your mom has made you the person you are now.
The fact is, however, that mothering is a very, very hard job and often people have multiple mother figures in their lives. I send my mother a card and call her every mother's day, but I also call my grandmother, aunt and oldest sister. When I think of mother's day (honoring the woman/en who've raised me) I think of all the strong, independent and loving women who have shaped my life. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but in my case it only took a family of matriarchs.
Cali Kind Tie-dye moms
(Above left to right: me, mom, grams, sister.... the most amazing women I know.)
One thing I love about Cali Kind Clothing Co. is how it connects generations. My grams was there at the height of the hippie movement, my mom and aunt grew up across from "teepee village" in Isla Vista, CA and my sister and I saw the resurgence of tie-dye from the '90s up to now. It is truly a cross-generational art form. I love bringing my mom, or grams a new Cali Kind piece and having it spark a story from my mom's youth. The stories told in a family become a shared history and it is so cool that something as culturally significant as what we wear threads (pun intended) our experiences together.
Whatever you do to celebrate mother's day this year, Cali Kind wants you to know that we appreciate all of the mother's out there.
Tell us how you celebrate Mother's Day, or a fun Mother's Day sotry in the comment section below!
Peace & Love
Written by Cali Kind Clothing Co. Aptos Manager, Alyssa
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