Spring Cleaning... Your Closet!

by Cali Kind April 14, 2016

We've all heard about the dreaded spring cleaning ritual. Some of you may partake, and some of you may not. Here at Cali Kind Clothing, there is one thing that we do every spring... spring clean our stores! Since we have SO many clothes, and have this issue every year, we're going to share some simple tips to ensure that your closet represents you now, the current season, and your unique fashion sense.
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Here we go:
  • Go through your closet and put everything into 4 categories:
    • Things you wear at least once a week
    • Things you wear at least once a month
    • Things you haven't worn in the past 6 months
    • Things you haven't worn in the past year (Wowza!)
  • Now Examine what you have.
Obviously anything in the first two categories is a keeper! Hey, that's like your uniform, it makes you feel your most comfortable and sexy self on the day-to-day.
The other two categories are where it gets tricky. Anything with sentimental value: wedding dress, prom dress, first date outfit with your love, or anything that just reminds you of something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside... pack it up and put it in storage of some sort. It's also a good idea to put any items not in season into storage. That way it isn't taking up precious closet real-estate, but you know it's still there.
Now the fun part (or the, "just rip the band aid off!" part depending on how much money you've spent, and how emotionally invested you are in past purchases): if you haven't worn it in the past 6 months, or year... give it away. I know, I know, what do I mean give it away?! Some day you'll fit into those pair of jeans from freshman year of college again! One day you'll wear that floral patterned mini-skirt, it's just never the right occasion! The 80's always come back, right?! Well these things may all be true, but they are keeping you from a) having a clean, easily navigated closet, and b) preventing you from replacing those items with things you can put into the first two categories (weekly/monthly wears). Also, donating feels great, and knowing that someone in need can get your awesome fashion sense on the cheap is building some great style karma. Trust.
This brings us to our spring cleaning mantra: Out with the old, in with the new! Cali Kind Clothing Co. is constantly looking for ways to update classics and bring a modern twist to them. Our spring/summer New Arrivals are definite contenders for our personal weekly wears category. Doing a spring clean of your closet opens up space for your new future favorite clothes. You get to examine and truly hone-in on your personal sense of style and then treat yourself to new things that represent that.
However you clear your life for the adventures of spring and summer, always remember the Cali Kind of lifestyle: fun, happiness, and color everyday.
Peace & Love
Cali Kind Clothing Co.
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Spring clean away, loves!

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