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by Cali Kind March 24, 2016

The busy bees at Cali Kind Clothing Co. have been working hard to bring great new styles to you! And we are in LOVE with the results.
Here are new looks to consider rocking this spring/summer:
A-Line Maxi Skirts
We are head over heels in LOVE with our A-Line Maxi Skirt!
How could you not be?! We love the effortless look that it offers. It is the epitome of laid-back chic when you can slip something comfortable on and still have it be sexy and modern. Perfect for that first date, or a staple piece in your festival wardrobe the A-line Maxi skirt delivers eye-catching dye work and luxurious comfort. Staffers at Cali Kind are obsessed with this skirt. 
Molly Top by Cali Kind Clothing Co. 2016The Molly Top is cross-generational and absolutely stunning. The lace detailing at the bottom gives it an added edge that is hard to come by in the world of tie-dye. It's this attention to detail that makes a Cali Kind piece so special. We are committed to being up-to-date on the latest trends, and constantly striving to perfect the staple pieces that are in every woman's closet. The molly top is playful, and yet mysterious. It has been a new favorite among dedicated customers, so we suggest grabbing one while they're in stock! Throw this on over leggings for a night out and wait for the compliments to come. 
Racerback dress by Cali Kind Clothing Co.
For those of you who are fans of our Circle Top, or our Circle Dress, you will love our Racerback Dress. Belt this dress at the waist for a lovely silhouette, or leave it free-flowing on a sunny day. This dress (like so many Cali Kind pieces) can be dressed down for a casual look, or dressed up (gold belt, wedges and an up-doe. you're set!☆) seamlessly. Made from our lovely rayon, spandex blend, this dress is comfort and style all in one! We can't get enough of it.
March 25th - March 27th we are having an Easter sale online and in store. Use code "Eggs2016" at checkout for 30% off your purchase!
♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎
Here at Cali Kind Clothing Co. we are so excited about sharing the beautiful, lively world of tie-dye with everyone. It is not only a pleasure, but a privilege to make the world a little brighter. We are dedicated to bringing tie-dye, peace and love to as many people as we can, and are happy to share that with you. 
Is there something you've recently bought that you cannot get enough of?! We'd love to hear about it and why you love it at:
Until next time Rainbow People!
Peace & Love
Cali Kind Clothing Co.

Cali Kind
Cali Kind


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